IEEE Activities

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2021-22 Member, IEEE History Committee

2021-22 Liaison Between IEEE History Committee & IEEE WIE

2021 Chair, IEEE WIE History Committee

2021 Member, IEEE EAB Faculty Resource Committee

2020 Member, New Initiative Committee

2020 Chair, Women in SIGHT Working group

2020-21 Member, WIE Senior Member (SM) Elevation Drive

2021 Member, IEEE WIE-IEEE USA Colouring Book Featuring 25 Women Sub-Committee

2017, 2019 Communications Chair, IEEE SIGHT

2019-21 Member, WIE WePower Subcommittee

2017-18 Chair, WIE Workshops Subcommittee

2016 Member, IEEE WIE Special Events & Women in Leadership Collabratec Community Subcommittees



2016 R10 WIE Coordinator

2017-18, 2015 Member, R10 Subcommittees (WIE, HTA, Education)

2016 Member, R10 50th years celebrations adhoc committee 2016

Representative (2015) & Webmaster (2014-15), R10 WIE volunteer committee


Section and Student branch (SB):

2018-06/2021 Chair, Bangladesh Section (BDS)

2017 Vice-Chair (Activity), BDS

2010-2015 Chair, WIE BD AG

2012-2013 Chair, BDS MD

2014-2021 Coordinator, SIGHT FLASH

2016-2021 Advisor, WIE BDS, BUET SB WIE AGs

2018-2021 Advisor, BUET IAS, RAS and SPS (2019-21) SB Chapters


IEEE Societies:

2021-23 Chair, IEEE SPS Women in Signal Processing (WISP)

2021-23 Liaison Between IEEE SPS and IEEE WIE

2021 IEEE SPS Strategic Planning-Membership Committee

2021 Member, IEEE SPS-HAC Subcommittee

2020-21 Member, PELS TC5 Webinar and award Subcommittees

2017-21, PES WIP R10 Representative

2021 Education Chair, IEEE PES-HAC

2017 Member, IEEE SSIT WIE & SIT Subcommittees

2017-2020 Chair, SPS, IAS (2018-2021), RAS (2021), SSIT (2021) BD

2018-2020 Vice-Chair, RAS, SSIT, SPS (2021) BD

2020-21 Chair, 2019 Vice-Chair, EMBS BD


Publications/Conferences/Editorial Activities/Others

More than 150 journals/ conferences (

2018-21 Editorial board member, IET Signal Processing

General Chair, ICWMR 2021. TENSYMP 2020, WIECON-ECE 2019, 2018, 2016

General Co-Chair: R10 HTC, WIECON-ECE 2017

TPC Chair: WIECON-ECE 2015

Technical Secretary, ICECE 2021

General Chair: IEEE SPICSCON 2019, IEEE PEEIACON 2019


Publicity Co-chair, MMM’ 2018

Publication Chair, ICECE 2014, 2108

General Chair, International Women in Engineering COVID 19 Congress 2021 (WIECOV 2021)

General Chair, 2020 Virtual Conference organizer’s panel

General Chair, International COVID19 Congress

General Chair, Women In Engineering Tech Summit 2020

General Chair, Engineering, Medicine, Biology, and Healthcare Research and Innovation Colloquium 2020

General Chair, SPS Research and Innovation Conclave 2020

General Chair, IAS Industry-Academia Innovation Forum 2020

Program Chair, Socio-Technical Fight against the COVID 19 Pandemic: IEEE SSIT Panel 2020


General Chair, IEEE PES Women in Power Congress in R10 2020

General Chair, IEEE PES Women in Power Summit in R10 2020

General Chair, International Meetup of Robotics and Automation Enthusiasts 2020

General Chair, 2019 IEEE SPS winter school on multimodal Signal Processing

General Chair, Women to Women Empowerment Challenge 2019

General Chair, IEEE WIE international Leadership Summit 2018

General Chair, WIE-Humanitarian Technology Competition 2018 (WIE-IHTC)

Chair, WIE track, IEEE ANZSCON 2017,

Chair, WIE panel, ISTAS 2017, GHTC 2017

Program Chair, 2016 TENSYMP WIE TRACK, 2016 TENCON WIE Special Session and 2016 R10 HTC WIE track

Program Chair, WIE Track IEEE R10 SYWL congress 2016

Summit Co-Chair and Program Chair, 2016 IEEE WIE Global Summit

IAC member, WIE international Pune summit 2016

Program Committee member, IEEE WIE Chennai ILS 2015

Jury coordination committee Member, IEEE R10 AIYHUM 2015

Program Committee member, IEEE WIE Chennai ILS 2015

Jury and Jury coordination committee Member, AIYHUM 2017 and 2015

International pilot coordinator for, ss12 2017, 2018

Virtual Track Chair , YESIST 12, 2019

Co-Chair, IEEE SMC 2017 WIE Workshop