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  • Active in IEEE for more than 22 years, the first woman senior member and Chair in IEEE Bangladesh Section.



  • Founder and TPC Chair, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2015, the first-ever WIE technical conference in ECE. General Chair, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2016, the first-ever initiative for WIE members’ intersection engagement (Bangladesh and Pune), General Co-chair, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2017 (Bangladesh and Uttar Pradesh), General Chair, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2018 (Bangladesh and Thailand), and General Chair, IEEE WIECON-ECE 2019 (Bangladesh and Bangalore), IEEE WIECON-ECE 2020 (Bangladesh and Bhubneswar)
  • Led to win Women to Women Empowerment Challenge Through Humanitarian Technology-Based Social Entrepreneurship (W2WEC) 2019 fund from IEEE HAC.
  • Led to win the bid of hosting 2018 IEEE WIE international leadership summit Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • Led to win Proposal for hosting WIE-IHTPC 2018 at IEEE WIE ILS Dhaka
  • Mentored to complete around 50 WIE projects in R10 in 2016 that promoted the entry into and retention of women members in engineering programs;
  • Led the first R10 WIE twitter chat, R10 WIE webinar, WIE AG networks, R10 50th year celebrations, IEEE day celebration in R10.
  • Led setting up IEEE Collabratec communities, supported ongoing activities and helped the formation of new WIE Affinity Groups in R10.
  • Launched R10 WIE Mentor and Mentee Program with around 28 sections in R10.
  • Mentored formation of 18 WIE SBs in Bangladesh


For all Members (Section, Society, YP, students)

  • Led to win the bid of hosting IEEE TENSYNSYMP 2020 in BDS.
  • Led to win the proposal for hosting 2019 IEEE SPS Winter School on multimodal Signal Processing.
  • Led to win the R10 incentive grant of 3K in 2018 and 4k in 2019, 35K in 2020 for conducting and reporting activities in BDS
  • Led to win 2018 IEEE MGA outstanding large section award for IEEE BDS.
  • In 2019, Led 5 collocated society specific technical conferences in IEEE Bangladesh Section, SPS, RAS, IAS, EMBS and SSIT
  • In 2017, as Vice-Chair, IEEE Bangladesh Section, led to winning the 2nd highest number of project funds among all 57 sections in R10.
  • Founded/co-founded 4 technical societies in the Bangladesh section that has created collaboration opportunities for members of section and chapters.
  • Led Smart City initiatives in Bangladesh Section
  • Led IEEE Senior Member Elevation Program in Bangladesh Section
  • Led SS12/YESIST 12 INNOVATION CHALLENGE AND MAKER FAIR Pilot round in Bangladesh for 5 times
  • Founder, 2018 Section vitality Summit in IEEE Bangladesh Section



Humanitarian Activities

  1. Founder and coordinator of SIGHT group, FLASH in IEEE Bangladesh section (inception in 2013). 
  2. Member, 2020 IEEE RAS-SIGHT funded project , “towards disinfecting Robotos for public places.
  3. Lead of “2018 IEEE HAC funded Project “Bringing Life Back to Rohingya”   to ensure clean water for  Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh.
  4. General Co-chair, IEEE R10 HTC 2017 that brought visibility of IEEE among people interested in HTA around the globe.
  1. Advisor, Braille project (won 2017 R10 AIYEHUM challenge).
  2. Lead, Canvas-Live :  A software for teaching autistic children ( 2014 R10 HTA Support Fund)
  3. Conducted IEEE SIGHT Mentor and Mentee Programs in 2017 to form new SIGHT groups (ex, EGYPT), activate less active or inactive groups.
  4. Project  lead/Co-lead of several projects, some are
    • EEG development board [mentor of first prize winning project in 2017 IEEE  IAS CMD Humanitarian Contest ]
    • Non invasive Blood glucose Estimator
    • Noninvasive Bilirubin and Jaundice Detector
    • Image based Bengali Sign Language development for Deaf
    • A Deep Learning Based Lip Reading Software for the Hearing Impaired
    • Text to Braille Scanner with Ultra Low Cost Refreshable Braille Display
    • A Low-cost  Spirometer for  Diagnosis of  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • A real-time sign language translator
    • Cost efficient autonomous navigation system for visually impaired human beings
    • Low-cost digital stethoscope
    • PPG sensor based wrist wearable cardiac care
    • Automatic injecting device for mass vaccination [sensor based, video based]                                               
    • Voice controlled cellphone based Eye vision tester:
    • EEG based brain computer interface
    • Walking assistant for elderly people
    • Low cost electric Wheel Chair [single finger control, voice control, EEG control]