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1. Article at IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine June 2023 Issue

2. Article at IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine June 2022 Issue

She is conducting activities under a new initiative as part of 3 strategic partners of WePower, a world bank project to enhance women representation in power and energy in south Asia:  2019-21 Strategic partner lead of IEEE PES Women in power and that of  IEEE Bangladesh Section, also strategic partner committee member  of IEEE WIE.

  • As Chair, IEEE WIE workshop subcommittee 2017-18 (a priority program of IEEE WIE), she mentored and coordinated around 25 WIE workshops and panels in IEEE R10, R9, R7, R8, R3, R5. Some are collaborative events with IEEE societies, PES, SSIT, IAS, SMC.
  • As IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) R10 representative 2017-20, contributed as a speaker and panelist in the 1st IEEE PES WiP Conference 2017, a speaker at 2020 PES GM, a brief session speaker, IEEE sections congress 2017 and a panelist, IEEE PES-HAC Webinar for PES day celebration 2020. She has led as General Chair , the first ever  IEEE PES Women in Power Congress in R10,  IEEE PES Women in Power summit in R10,  designed and conducted numerous PES WiP/WIE activities that eventually resulted in highest member numbers for WiP in R10 among all IEEE regions.


  • As 2017 and 2019 Communications Chair, IEEE SIGHT steering Committee, launched Humans of IEEE SIGHT, an initiative to recognize significant volunteers in SIGHT.
  • Served as General Chair, IEEE WIE International leadership Summit Dhaka Humanitarian Project Competition -2018.
  • Introducer and organizer, IEEE SIGHT/HTA tracks/HTA competition for women in IEEE WIECON-ECE 2018 and 2016, IEEE WIE Leadership Summit Sri Lanka, 2017, IEEE R10 HTC, Bangladesh, 2017.
  • Panel Organizer and invited speaker to inspire more women in Humanitarian technologies and SIGHT activities in IEEE SSIT flagship conference, ISTAS 2017, Australia, 2017, GHTC, USA, 2017, IEEE TENCON, Malaysia, 2017.
  • The first IEEE SIGHT tweeter Chat Session organizer, 9th Nov, 2019 during IEEE SIGHT week celebration
  • Founder of the first ever Women in SIGHT Summit (WISE) in 2020
  • As 2016 R10 WIE Coordinator, led formation of 3 section WIE AGs (mainland China, Thailand), 58 SB WIE AGs in R10, the direct impact is membership growth compared to 2015 (the highest is 35.10% increase) and R10 led in WIE membership among all 10 IEEE regions in 2016.
  • As R10 WIE Coordinator in 2016, she has led revamping the R10 WIE website and facebook page for preserving R10 WIE history.
  • She has led completing preparing the description of 4 R10 WIE awards and updated all into R10 WIE website.
  • For R10 50 years celebration commemorative book and Supplementary newsletter, She  contributed significantly to restore the R10 WIE history
  • Led 25th year celebration and launched IEEE Bangladesh Section commemorative book along with a video.