Research Related to IEEE CS

1. Res-SE-ConvNet: A Deep Neural Network for Hypoxemia Severity Prediction for Hospital In-Patients Using Photoplethysmograph Signal

2. CapNet: A Deep Learning-based Framework for Estimation of Capnograph Signal from PPG

3. Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Random Forest Classifier

4. ALSNet: A Dilated 1-D CNN for Identifying ALS from Raw EMG Signal

5. Arithmetic Mental Task of EEG Signal Classification Using Statistical Modeling of The DWT Coefficient

6. CapsCovNet: A Modified Capsule Network to Diagnose COVID-19 From Multimodal Medical Imaging

7. Exploiting Cascaded Ensemble of Features for the Detection of Tuberculosis Using Chest Radiographs

8. Deep Learning-Based Eye Gaze Controlled Robotic Car

9. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Degradation Prediction using Regularized LSTM Model

10. Detection of Tuberculosis from Chest X-Ray Images Based on Modified Inception Deep Neural Network Model

11. Complete Automation of an E-commerce System with Internet of Things

12. Effectiveness of Convolutional and Capsule network in Malaria Parasite Detection

13. A Dual-Purpose Refreshable Braille Display Based on Real Time Object Detection and Optical Character Recognition

14. ALS Detection Based on T-Location Scale Statistical Modeling of the DWT Coefficients of EMG Signals

15. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Based Speech-Emotion Recognition

16. Source and Camera Independent Ophthalmic Disease Recognition from Fundus Image Using Neural Network

17. Eye Gaze Controlled Immersive Video Navigation System for Disabled People

18. Deep Lip Reading-A Deep Learning Based Lip-Reading Software for the Hearing Impaired

19. Non-invasive Blood Glucose Estimation Using Multi-sensor Based Portable and Wearable System

20. Non-Invasive Bilirubin Level Quantification and Jaundice Detection by Sclera Image Processing

21. Autonomous Trash Collector Based on Object Detection Using Deep Neural Network

22. Design of Intent Recognition System in a Prosthetic Leg for Automatic Switching of Locomotion Modes

23. Sign Language Recognition for Speech and Hearing Impaired by Image Processing in MATLAB

24. Image-based Bengali Sign Language Alphabet Recognition for Deaf and Dumb Community

25. Application of Electrical Network Frequency of Digital Recordings for Location-Stamp Verification

26. Abnormality Detection in Musculoskeletal Radiographs Using Capsule Network

27. Seizure and Non-Seizure EEG Signals Detection Using 1-D Convolutional Neural Network Architecture of Deep Learning Algorithm

28. Natural and Medical Image Encryption Using Self-Adaptive Permutation and DNA Encoding

29. Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Residual Block Incorporated U-Net Architecture and Fuzzy Inference System

30. A low cost Human Computer Interface for Disabled People based on Eye Blink detection using Brain Signal

31 . Seizure activity classification based on bimodal Gaussian modeling of the gamma and theta band IMFs of EEG signals